At B@TL, we understand the importance of listening. Listening to our clients provides us with a clear understanding, which helps us reflect their ideas into successful results. We communicate with our clients, share ideas and work along with them to provide successful solutions that exceed the expectations of the customers.


We spend time to analyse and understand the needs of every client. We perform due diligence, narrow down options and recommend best solutions that meet requirements. We constantly work to improvise ourselves to ensure we deliver effectively and efficiently. 


ensure we deliver effectively Our team of experts have extensive experience in different domains.Our combined experience enables us to execute the right plan. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with clients from multiple industries including finance, healthcare, hospitality, transport, logistics, retail, entertainment and more. In simple terms, we know what we are doing!

The Value of

Our Services

At B@TL we assist you to accelerate your company’s performance and growth. We value our customers and focus on transforming their vision into reality. Our extensive experience facilitates our teams to understand client needs and work on delivering the most effective solutions that expedite businesses and their investments.

With B@TL International, you can take the chance to spearhead your business to the next level

  • Move Forward with an effective strategy
  • Build your enterprise and assets strategically
  • Amplify your strengths
  • Accelerate performance
  • Enhance your bottom-line figures
  • Reach new milestones
Let’s brainstorm strategic solutions for you 



Our goal is to deliver higher availability, better performance, and enhanced utilisation by continuously monitoring projects. We fulfil our services in a quick and fuss-free manner ensuring the optimal performance levels required for your business unit goals are met. Our experience and in-depth knowledge facilitates us to create solutions for our clients from different industries. We help our clients make informed decisions with regular reviews, consulting services, advanced assessments and audits, and special assistance.


Strategic IT solutions fused with business solutions to achieve business development milestones. We make technology accessible and provide real solutions that add value to your business. 


Appraisal, purchase and sale of land and building assets. We work with a variety of clients. We ensure successful real estate investments for our clients by providing accurate and reliable servies in a timely manner


Idenifying, assessing, and working on transactions to reduce risks and costs for our clients. We optimsie the process by planning, stimulating and executing with utmost transparency.


Sourcing and acquiring good, services, and contracts at best prices. We understand your requirements, provide quick and accurate analysis, recommend essential solutions, negotiate and utilis the best industry practices.



achieve NEW milestones

Take the chance to spearhead your business to the next level